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Eway Rebill and Managed Payments for ActiveMerchant

If you are an Australian Rails developer and have had to deal with online payments, chances are you’ve dealt with Eway. ActiveMerchant has supported Eway for single transactions for a while, but if you have had to deal with rebilling, you may have been at a loss.

I’ve just forked ActiveMerchant and added support for the new Eway Rebill and Managed Payments SOAP API (Obviously, you’ll need soap4r). It’s on github. Very sparse instructions are here. The Rebill API might still need some work, as I ended up concentrating on the Managed Payments API, as that is actually more flexible.

Some background: When using the Rebill API, you tell Eway who you are billing, and when to bill them, and it takes care of the rest. The Managed Payments API on the other hand has Eway storing the users credit card details, and when you need to charge the client, you send a request via the API.

The problem I see with the Rebill API is there is no easy way to check if a payment has failed, other than pulling out ALL the past transactions and checking, where as Managed Payments will give you an immediate response, at the expense of having to maintain your own scheduled task/cron job.

Let me know if it works for you!