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New version of Twitteresce available

After a long hiatus from development (I’ve been busy ok!) I’ve just released a new version of Twitteresce – a mobile client for Twitter. New features include:

  • The ability to delete your tweets and direct messages
  • A correct “sent from” string on the web site version
  • Other small bug fixes

So point you mobile browser at http://www.madpilot.com.au/twitteresce and download version 0.9.

Twitteresce is in the top 12!

… well according to Mashable it is. It made the Top 12 twitter apps for your mobile phone. I suppose that means I should do some more work on it soon ;)

Twitteresce 0.7 released

I just released version 0.7 of twitteresce. This release fixes a couple of bugs with the automatic updating system, displays how long ago tweets and direct messages were posted and it now remembers what tweet you were looking at when flicking between the tweet view and read tweet view – trust me this makes catching up out the twitterverse much easier!

As always, get it from the MadPilot website.

In ur mobilz sending ur tweetz

Twitteresce 0.5 has been released! This update includes:

  1. direct messaging support: you can now read you direct messages
  2. the ability to “Close” Twitteresce rather than exiting – this means you can leave Twitteresce in the background. It will then popup and alert if you are running in automatic mode and you have a new tweet.
  3. a fix for the annoying bug where the the post screen would disappear if new tweets arrived.

You can download here.


Edit: Had to release 0.6 to fix a regression bug – Sorry!