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Blog number 1 Part II

Talking to the folk at Port80 tonight, I have been re-inspired to start blogging again. This may have something to do with all of the excitement around web essentials 05 (Which I missed – Phooey!). You see all of those lucky enough from Perth to go, have gotten me even more excited about the web industry, and I want to contribute back. So in a way you have Miles, Kay and Adrian to thank for this… he he he.

This blog will mainly be work related. Some mis-guided ramblings I suppose, but that is what blogging is all about isn’t?

I was amused to notice that the last time I started a blog was almost exactly one year ago (10/10/2004 to be exact). The reasons I did it last time surely had to do with avoiding work on my thesis. Ironically, I have another thesis to hand in in a couple of weeks – similar topic different degree… Looking into Gestalt theory again, but this time, I’m adding a part about remote usability testing. I’ve written a cool little AJAX based data logger, which I might atlk about another time.

Anyway – I’m going to try to get some sleep :)