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Oh happy days!

Just did my honours thesis seminar. Was pretty under-prepared, but I think I swung it. Now, I just need to hand in my poster (It’s at the printers) and all that is left of my university career is one exam. Woot!

Six years of toil has culminated to one anti-climatic week. Still a relief though – psychologically, it has been a huge weight lifted, although things that I’ve said I would do “after my thesis” have just moved up a notch on my todo list.

I really want to get some work done on Taste.net.au soon (Hurry up Ruby books!), but I’m enjoying the freelancing at the moment (That’s right kids, I’m back on the market!)

And I’m looking for to my day off on Wednesday, because my beautiful girl, Giovanna is back from Sydney (Longest week ever!) and we are going spend the day together.

Things are lookin’ up. :)