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Hmmm, CakePHP

As many of you would know, I’m playing with Ruby on Rails at the moment. I am really liking the MVC model that is presents, however, my biggest gripe about it, is that there is very little support hosting wise. Pixelbox over here in Perth is hosting it, but that doesn’t really help me for those clients that don’t want to migrate. I also feel a little loathed to move clients sites to a new technology as the support is not there yet.

Shane over at Bam sent me a link to CakePHP which looks really interesting. It started as a port of rails for PHP, but they are starting to evolve into a different beast. I’ve been playing with it for the last couple of days and I must say I like it. It is still a little rough around the edges, but it hasn’t hit beta yet, so give it time. The documentation is also a little sparse, but it’ll catch up.

I really like the fact that it runs on both PHP4 and PHP5. I think it may be something I will use a lot more once it becomes stable.

I’m planning on doing the Port80 membership system in it.