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Australia Day

Australia Day is my favourite holiday of the year. What has happened in previous years is we would all assemble at Trashy Central for the world famous potato salad contest. It is amazing how, when you say you are having a potato salad contest, ever persons response follows the lines of “I make the best potato salad EVER!” Judged by the party host, the winner gets taken to the restaurant of their choice.

Then down to the foreshore to watch the fireworks, whilst the host stays back to prepare for party: Stage 2.

The party continues once everyone meanders back up.

What happened this year? I worked. It was for a UK client, so cries of “But it’s Australia day!” went unheeded. So I spent the day in front of my laptop, with the TripleJ hottest 100 blaring.

I did mange to finish by 6 and walk down to Maylands (Just down the road now that we are in Mt Lawley) with Giovanna and her family to watch the skyworks – so not all was lost. Still would have been nice to hang with the Knutsfords though :(

Next year – I’m partying!