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Spammers trying to fool your scanner – What the hell did they say?!

I find some of the spam I receive quite amusing. I use spam assassin on my server so I end up with quite a number of mails in my spam folder. Sometimes it fun to go through them and see what the spammers are trying to get past my filters. The following techniques often make me chuckle, and sometimes stare at my screen bewildered. Keep in mind that the idea of spam is to try and sell you something.

  1. Empty spam: These are message with no body. Sometimes they don’t even have a subject line. I don’t imagine the click-through from these mails is very high…
  2. Spam with no links or URLs or email addresses: Well now that you have convinced me that I need to purchase low-priced pharmaceuticals from your esteemed client, how do I actually do that?!
  3. Non-sensical spam: Sending spam with random string of text. Great for confusing the spam filters. Also great for confusing the user. I really don’t think I’m going to click on a link embedded in text that resembles Lorem Ipsum. If anyone can work out what this gem means, I’d love to hear from you (From a viagra spam):

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Something in that for all of us really…