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A really cool idea for a web site: Screeniac

I was going through my referrer logs for 88 Miles, and I can across the url http://screeniac.com/ – I followed it (as if I wouldn’t) and found this really cool site.

Bascially, they create “screencasts” of websites in the form of a review. Basically, each review is a short video demonstrating the use of an online application with narration. The link to the 88 Miles review is here.

This would save so much time if you see a site and want to know if it worth the effort signing up.

As I said – a really cool idea.

Oh yeah, by the way: 88 Miles webservice API has been released. Still a couple of small bugs to iron out, so consider it beta, but the interface isn’t going to change (for this version). Roll on some time tracking mash-ups!