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Beer Economy

As an active member of the Port80 community, I am more often than not in attendence at the Port 80 monthly meetups at the pub. It is amazing what crazy ideas are hatched at these informal meetups (It’s a great system – a group of like-minded people meetup and and talk shop over a couple of beers).

I was chatting about 88 Miles and SEO and Kay piped up and said that if I could get people to link to it using the term Simple time tracking, it would help my rankings for that particular term. My response (and I don’t know if this says something about me) was:

“Right, I’ll by everyone one who links to it using the term “Simple time tracking” a beer at the next meeting.

Well Nick Cowie was the first to comply with his less than subte approach, which I find mildly amusing.

So I’m putting the call out. If you are in WA or going to be in WA, and you are going to show up at the next meeting (on 2 August 2006) AND you link to http://www.88miles.net in your blog using a title attribute or text of “Simple time tracking”, I’ll buy you a beer.

That’s right. It’s in writing, so I can’t get out of it :P


  1. Lol!

    Bugger, we probably can't make it to the next one, ha ha!

    And I think it would be hard to find a reason to link to it on my Enjoy Perth blog anyway!

    Anyway, nice meeting you on Wednesday, and we will try and make it to the September meet (and make Pascal a member by then!)
  2. Who me subtle? Never

    That post was supposed remind people that a lot can be achieved with a cold beer or the promise of one.

    BTW Kay's post titled "Simple Time Tracking" promoting 88 Miles ranks pretty well in Google.
  3. Absolutely - this will be an interesting marketing experiment :)
  4. Hopefully this will be incentive for me to actually get to a meeting!
  5. http://didcoe.id.au/ - Another very subtle *cough cough* attempt :)
  6. Matt. I can't buy you beer...
  7. I won't tell anybody :) - Just joking

    If I turn up, I'm sure we can come to an agreement :P

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