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Fixing ZeroCfgSvn.exe crashes

I use a Toshiba Satellite M70 which has an Intel ProSet Wireless 2200BG Wireless network card.

I have had a couple of problems with the wireless card though:

  1. When I boot, the wireless connects for about a minute, then the connection drops and it reconnects – this plays havoc on my IM programs not to mention slows my boot time considerably
  2. After I installed VMWare, the Zero Configurations Service kept crashing. This was annoying to say the least.

After a little Googling, it became apparent that the issue is the driver. Easy – go and get the latest driver from Toshiba, right? Wrong – I updated to the lastest version and still no fix.

The solution: Just on to the intel website, select Wireless > Wireless LAN Products menu item on the left and select the wireless card you have.

Download the 123Mb (?!) driver file and install. You will lose your saved Access Point information though.

If you are like me and prefer to have Windows manage you connections, Right-click on the task bar icon and select “Allow Windows to Manage my connections”.

If you are also like me and HATE erronoues taskbar icons, open the Intel Wireless Manager (Start > Programs > Intel PROSet Wireless > Intel PROSet Wireless). Click the Tools > Applications Settings menu and uncheck the “Show application icon in the taskbar” checkbox.

That should do the job quite nicely.

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