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One week to go…

…until webdirections 06. I’m starting to get rather excited about it all now. Even though I don’t actually have accomodation yet :)

I’ve quite looking forward to meeting the international and national speakers – it will be really cool to meet the big thinkers in the web industry, like Molly Holzschlag, Derek Featherstone and Andy Clarke (not to mention the others!). Hopefully it will leave me motivated and full of beans. Not that I’m not motivated at the moment, but you can never have to much.

Tim Lucas and Cameron Adams obviously have way to much time on their hands, as they released Web directions connections. Cool little app – both Miles and I spent a little too much time playing with it this morning, even though neither really could afford to (work hasn’t really eased up).

Speaking of 88 Miles (Leave me alone – it’s been a big week and I can’t be bothered coming up with a proper segway*), things are ramping up. I’ve made a few tweaks with the design and copy, and it seems to be attracting more sign-ups like a bees to the honeypot. It would be cool to get some big names in the web industry to have a look and blog about it. Now, where to find some poeple of high-enough profile… Hmmm.

On a personal note, I finally graduated last night, so I’m now officially a Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons). Thankyou god it is all over…

It would be a safe bet that my next post will be from Sydney (if my laptop makes it back in time), so until then…

* Is this even the correct spelling on the word in theis context?!


  1. Congrats on the BSc (Hons)!

    Glad to see you're wasting precious work time with connections... muhahar.
  2. Thanks Tim!

    Really looking forward to meeting you next week, I like your work :)
  3. You still don't have your lappie.. Man you must be going spare!
  4. You don't know the half of it...
  5. Well Done on the BSc Myles!

    You still haven't got that laptop back...maybe it's time to buy a new one?
  6. Just about... :(
  7. Congratulations for the BSc Myles. Have fun in Sydney :)

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