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Happy birthday Bloggy Hell!

Wow. I’ve been blogging for 12 months today. Crazy. So as a birthday present to my blog, I decided to give it a nice coat of (pixilated) paint. Still needs a little work, but it definately an improvement :)

Thankyou to those that still read this thing. I’ll send you all a virtual hug.


  1. Nice work. ;o)

    You're making me look bad damn it!

    The string for verification of humanity needs to be resizable because this early in the morning I can't read it ;o)

    Cheers and beers!
  2. Oooh, very flash. Congrats on the mylestone (ork ork)...
  3. He, he he. Thanks guys :)
  4. Congrats Myles.

    Oh my you have jazzed the blog up, even got a groovy caricature, and even goovier side bar icon... Are we going to see myles the designer!

    Gee a Year! Thats a lot of posts!
  5. He he, you must've started your blog same as me ... straight after WE05!
  6. Yep - it sure was :)

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