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Who could have thought an umlet could be so funny…

I was just catching up on the tawdry adventures of workmate Simon’s trip around Europe. Possibly one of the funniest travel blogs I’ve read (Also probably the ONLY travel blog I’ve read, but if I’d read more, I reckon it would still be up there) and I got a flash back to a couple of weeks ago when he popped up on MSN.

He was in the middle of Sweden and we were basking in the light of umlets and agraves (As we do – Simon is a typography enthusist and I just love the sound of the word umlut). Of course funky inflections on characters is almost exclusively an Ikea thing over here in Australia, our alphabet isn’t blessed with anything more interesting than an X. So, anytime I see a swedish word, I immediately think flat-pack furniture, and so our new swedish car game was borne