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Welcome to the 21st century

This morning at 2am, Western Australia joined most of the rest of Australia and rolled their clocks forward to begin a three year trial of daylight savings – and about bloody time too!

So far, so good – All of my computers at my house have updated, as have the two work servers, and after a quick patch, 88 Miles also made the transition into the new timezone.

For those of you that weren’t quite so on the ball with your updating, you can download the Windows update here, and the Unix/BSD update here.

The Windows update is pretty self-explainitory, and the Unix/BSD update is just as easy:

  1. Download the update file
  2. Copy it to /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia (overwriting the existing Perth file)
  3. makes sure /etc/localtime is symlinked to /usr/share/zoneinfo/Australia/Perth

Note that this update works for OSX as well.

So you over-easters, just remember little ol’ Perth is now two hours behind (Unless you are in Queensland, now we are only one hour behind). Adelaidians (!?) we are 1.5 hours behind you and Darwin you are 30 minutes in front.