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Sorry, the servers down – please proceed to login

I was just logging into my online banking system and was confronted with with error message – besides the typo (possbile?) I find it interesting that there is a button inviting you to login in to a system that is un-available… and yes you can proceed to the login window, and it isn’t until you enter your details again before you get a definitive error message. A good example of what NOT to do.

When is an error message, not really an error message?!


  1. And its the 13th, 2 days later and it's still down, that must be one serious problem. I wonder if they got hacked. At least they clean up the error message now. But you would think they would have a emergency message ready to go as required.
  2. It's been up and down since I posted this message - It was up yesterday afternoon for a spell.

    I wonder what is going on?
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