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Twitteresce: Twitter on your mobile

I’ve got the Twitter-bug bad. Real bad. So much so that I’ve spend a large chunk of my leave this week learning J2ME (Java for mobile phones) by writing Twitteresce. Twitteresce is a small app that runs on you Java-enabled mobile phone – currently it allows you to download both public and private tweets and post updates.

I think it is so much more convenient than trying to use the twitter web page on your phone, or receiving SMSs because you can receive your tweets when you want (The API also seems more stable than the SMS alert system).

There is a list of compatible phones of the twitteresce web page, but I know the list is no where near complete. If you download the app on a phone that isn’t listed and it works, please let me know and I’ll add it to the list.

You can go to the official webpage the app here or type in http://tinyurl.com/2de636 into your phone browser and download it directly.

Any bugs, let me know.