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The times, they are a-changing… Part II

It is with a mixture of jubilation and sadness that I announce I am moving on from my current position at Bam Creative to take up a contract position at with Norg Media. Jubilation because of the opportunity to work on an exciting Web 2.0 startup over here in Perth, whilst still being able to pursue my own projects – sadness because I will be leaving a great bunch of workmates over at Bam.

By the time I leave at the end of June, it will be just over a year since I made the move from freelancing to full time work. The past twelve months has taught me more about teamwork and running a business than I could have garnered in a lifetime of freelance work, and for that opportunity I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to Miles and the rest of the team. I’m going to miss the crazy shenanigans that have gone on within the Bam walls.

I am really looking forward to taking the development position at PerthNorg – having the opportunity to work with a site that is young, growing and showing it’s potential is one that is hard to pass up. The fact that Bronwen has allowed me to work four days, giving me to have a MadPilot day has made the deal even sweeter, so now I can spend more time on 88 Miles, Twitteresce, AWIA and the WAWAs as well as pursue some of the other projects that I have in my head.

All in all an exciting time to be in the industry really!


  1. Congratulations, Myles! This is very cool news, indeed! I look forward to lots of cool stuff rolling out of both Norg Media and MadPilot in future :)
  2. Congratulations Myles! And congrats to PerthNorg too. What a fantastic opportunity, and a perfect fit for you both. I wish you all the best for your new endeavours!
  3. Cool! Congratulations! Look forward to seeing things..happen! :D
  4. Congrats Myles. Now I understand why Bronwen was being quiet on this one! You'll do well you have that drive and determination.

    So when will the "other" app be ready.. !
  5. Congrats Myles...Good luck to both you and Norg Media.

    Look forwatd to seeing the new features your going to throw at PerthNorg and whatever else Bronwen has up her sleeve!
  6. Rock on Myles!

    Looking forward to Perth Web 2.0 taking over the world ;)

  7. Congratulations to you, Bronwen and all at PerthNorg.

    Looking forward to the new projects.
  8. Congratulations Myles!
  9. We'll miss you Myles!

    (oh, wait)
  10. Grats myles, i'm sure you'll do some good things to PerthNorg ;)

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