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Perth Bar Camp #1 is on!

Just a quick announcement that Perth BarCamp #1 is finally on!

Where: Central TAFE, 140 Royal St, East Perth WA 6004

When: Saturday 30th June 2007 9am-5pm

Cost: TBA (Probably around $10)

So get your thinking caps on, your laptop batteries charged and read up on what it is all about!

After that, go and register.


  1. so do we get groovy barcamp Tshirts or what..
  2. If we can get sponsorship for it.

    I'll start approaching people for sponsorship next week - gotta get the WAWA's sponsors sorted first :)
  3. YAY! Fantastic news. Putting it in my calendar now. Thanks, Myles!
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  5. Good choice of weekend, there are no big festivals on at all that weekend, good work! :D

    Date noted in calendar(s)
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  7. So far, no "BarCamp" has ever charged -- so if you can make up for the expense in sponsorships, you'll be carrying forth a great tradition!

    One way that we've offset costs in the past is to ask for people to sponsor certain parts of the event -- like breakfast, lunch, markers and paper, etc... In that way you can offload responsibility for provisioning certain necessities and also better include folks in the event. This way you're getting real participants instead of remote sponsors.

    Anyway, great to see BarCamp come so far... down under! ;)
  8. Hi Chris,

    Well, who am I to break tradition? :)

    I'll keep everyone posted.
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