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Get us WAWA sponsors, we give you cash!

Do you know someone that would want to sponsor the WA Web Awards? We still have all one gold level, of the silver sponsorship levels available as well as six category sponsorships that we would like to see filled.

The WAWA sub-committee has had some success in securing a number of sponsors but we have exhausted our networks trying to fill the final positions, so now it is your turn.

We need your help to make this happen!

As a little extra incentive, if it is your lead that puts pen to paper, we will pay you a finders fee depending on the level you can get us:

Gold: $250

Silver: $100

Categrory: $20

Note: that it has to be a decent lead – I don’t want people listing companies where they don’t have a good contact. At the least, we need a name and a direct phone. If you can give them the heads up even better. If you can convince them to contact us, we will love you forever!

I have copies of the sponsorship proposal available if you want to get hold of it. Email me: myles@wawebawards.com.au if you think you can help out.

Your finders fee will be payed if we secure a sponsor from the lead you provide us.

Offer end the end of this month or until all positions are filled – which ever comes first.