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BarCamp Perth – an awesome day

I seriously could not have asked for a better day. I’ll write up a better synopsis later, but now I am just too tired.

Big thanks to all the sponsors, and an even bigger thanks to everyone that came along – with out you guys it wouldn’t have been the great day that it was.

I need some sleep now.


  1. You're a legend for organising it. Well done mate, it was an awesome BarCamp. One I reckon Perth can be proud of.
  2. Thanks Myles! It was a brilliant day.

    The spirit of collaborative learning and joint participation between people with various skill sets was inspiring.

    I'm fortunate to have a great support crew that helped with the children and gave me the freedom to attend for the day.

    Enjoying the post BarCamp Perth high :-) Need another fix soon.
  3. Excellent work Myles. A fantastic effort, and thanks to everyone who helped out and especially those who presented.
  4. Fantastic work Myles. You managed to make what could have been utter chaos run smoothly and enjoyable for everyone that attended.

    Jordan - next time we'll have to get you to present ;)

    Bring on the next BarCamp Perth!!!
  5. Myles you did a great job organising BarCamp.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this one, looking forward to the next one.
  6. It was well executed .. only a bit scared what I said on Camera :)
  7. Was a great day Myles. Looking forward to the next one! Next time I'll remember to order a t-shirt in advance.
  8. Hey Myles,

    BarCamp was awesome! Well done, you did a great job.

    So when is the next one?


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