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I was at Web Directions, honest

Miles Burke decided that we all need to prove that we were at Web Directions last year by finding photos of us on Flickr. Mo problem! Here are pictures of me looking rather disheveled.


Me in my natural habitat

Me working at the after party

Me still working at the after party

Ok, to pass on the meme: I wanna see photos from Tim Lucas and Lachlan Hardy.


  1. I note no pics of you after Andy Clarkes Keynote :) Where you I little under the weather.. (no reflection on Andy Clarke)
  2. Nifty way to include the pics... nice one! Wish I thought of that for mine.

    I've added tags to another pic of you in my WD06 Flickr collection... I wonder if it will magically appear on your blog?
  3. Maybe not... Let's hope you can relax at the closing party this year!!

  4. Myles was at MOST of Web Directions I think is the correct statemennt. Andy Clarke is still dark about that...
  5. I promised him I will be there with bells on this year. It was a big night ok? Shut up.

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