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And all that Meraki…

These little networking devices have created quite a stir amongst the twitterati over the past couple of days, even enough to make Lachlan Hardy revive his blog! :P

Anyway, as he mentions I’m taking some orders for any Perth peeps that would like a couple. The more people we get, the cheaper the shipping is (the shipping on one unit costs $US50 – 13 units, it come down to $US10 a unit – mob rules!).

Go check out Lachlan’s post for the low-down on what these things can do. If you want a couple, drop me a line – I’ll be getting them on Friday, so chop, chop.


  1. I am also a meraki fan, the device and the dashboard is cool. But the recent price hike is bad. See what I did with my routers . http://www.kenneyjacob.com/category/wifi-mesh-networking/meraki/
  2. Hey Kenney,

    That look really cool! With the current strength of the Australian dollar against the US, the price rise is not that much for us :) What is killing us is the shipping...

  3. Just to let you all know - they have been ordered, so no more emails if you want any!

  4. Bugger think it is a really good idea - I am up for extending the network to our spot - will be interested to see how you go with them Myles..

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  6. i am interested in the PRO... are you able to include that in your order for reduced pricong... Regards

  7. Hi mate,

    Any plans to do another order for Perth Peeps?
  8. Not that I know of (at least I wasn't planning one).

    Mind you, if there is enough interest, we could probably sort something out.

    As Lachlan found out, you need to keep the order under $1000 otherwise you get hit with import duty.

    So about the best you will do is about $10 postage per unit.

    US dollar would probably help us out too...
  9. Looking at the current exchange rate we should be able to do an order of 15, which with shipping should bring us just under the $1000 limit. Shipping then being US$11 a unit.

    Going to talk to a few mates and see if they're interested. :)

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