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AWIA’s very own OpenID server

I just deploying a new version of the AWIA website, which adds an OpenID service provider – so now AWIA members can use their member username and password to login to any OpenID-enabled website.

OpenID is a de-centralized authentication standard that allows you to use one username and password across any site that supports the standard. It can also send common information such as email address and username. The number of sites that support OpenID are steadily rising, which is why I added these functions to the site.

It is all very easy – login to your http://app.webindustry.asn.au/members/login click “Your details” then “Edit”. There is a new field labelled username. Enter a username here and then, when you come across an OpenID enabled site, just login in to http://app.webindustry.asn.au/user/[username]

Easy as you like it!