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I can haz meraki?

You see this is what happens you take up challenges from Twitter. It was suggested by Laural and Gary that it would be handy to have a map of all the Australian Meraki nodes – of course being a stickler for a challenge, I duly accepted. Unbeknownst to me, the challenge was also being accepted on the other side of the Nullabor, but Ajay. Although an interstate game of “Who can build a Google Map mash-up in the fastest time” sounded like fun, we decided to combine our powers for good and not evil.

And so http://icanhazmerki.net was born.

Using the Public API that the Merkai website has we have been able to know up a quick mashup. So some instructions:


  1. You need a Meraki (Go figure)
  2. You need an OpenID account


  1. Go to http://account.meraki.com and login using the email address and password you used when you set the merakis up
  2. Click the Configure tab
  3. Click the Advanced Link
  4. Find the Public API section – select either Most or All from the Radio buttons.
  5. Click “What is this?” – make note of the API URL (Looks like http://public.meraki.com/network/[username]/api)
  6. Click Save Changes
  7. Go to http://icanhazmeraki.net and click login
  8. Enter your OpenID URL – then register
  9. Click “Add/Edit network”
  10. Paste in the API URL
  11. Hit Save
  12. Add salt to taste

Enjoy! A big thanks to Ajay for his front-end wizardy and hosting donation – was much fun working with him – the man needs to sleep :)