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Wishing you all a good break

If Gary’s latest blog post is anything to go by (and I’m living it, so I know he is right), we are all still cranking along at an insane rate of knots, even with the silly season looming. Well, I lucky enough to be heading over to Sydney for a couple of weeks of R & R – sure I’ve managed to setup a couple of business meeting to ensure the trip is a tax write-off, but beyond that I will be trying with all my might to revive my exhausted mind.

Next year is promising to be just as nuts, with a couple of super secret projects on the boil as well as a number of client jobs in the pipeline. Watch this space for a couple of new Rails plugins that I’ve been working on, as well as some crazy experiments that are nearly ready for the world to see.

So on that less-than-descriptive note – have a happy and a rocking new year!

Oh, and if you are in Sydney and want to catch up, drop me an email! See you on the flip side.