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I didn’t get the meme-o

Finally, some kind souls have cared enough to tag me with the blog equivalent of a chain letter (or maybe that is the web equivalent of Amway) – the “8 things you didn’t know about me” meme. Rules are, you tell eight things about yourself that the web doesn’t know, then make eight others do the same. So….

  1. I have dual passports, one Australian and one Greek, even though my paternal grandparents are Macedonian and my father and I were born in Australia. I’m not sure how this could happen, although I’m sure goats changed hands. There was also a possibility that if I ever went to Greece (nope, never been) that I would get thrown in the Army to do national service, although I think my Dedo (grandad) paid me out of it. Viva la corruption.
  2. I started MadPilot Productions when I was 18 with my two best mates (and ex-housemates) Andrew and David. The Mad bit refers to our initials and I can’t remember where the Pilot bit came from. Andrew went on to become a lawyer and is now in his final year of musical theatre at WAAPA, and David is a reporter for the ABC, after graduating from WAAPA. I once went to WAAPA to watch someone give a recital.
  3. Myself, Andrew and David once won the Hammarskjold trophy – which is a mock UN Security Council debate for high school students. Our school had been trying to win it for ages – and the other teams we had entered had been together for two or three years, and had been training for months. The three of us were recruited the week before, stayed up until 3am the morning of as our preparation, and still to this day have absolutely no idea what we did or how we did it. I think this is completely representative of the real UN security council.
  4. MadPilot once did work for 96FM (a local radio station), on a promotion hilariously called Cunning Stunts. It was at this point I got to live out my childhood dream of riding in a Black Thunder drinking an Icy cold can of Coke, whilst listening to Triple J.
  5. I have an unnatural facination with late 80s sitcoms. I have many theme songs in my MP3 collection and own two seasons of the Golden Girls on DVD. My favourite 80s trival fact is that Estelle Geddy holds the record for playing the same character (Sophia Petrillo) in the most amount of shows (5: Golden Girls, Golden Palace, Empty Nest, Nurses and Blossom).
  6. I once did a fifteen hour stint at Little Creature Brewery in Fremantle. The only rules were weren’t allowed to leave the premises. We got there at 9am, had the first beer at 10am (It would have been 9am, but we didn’t realise that served beer that early) and had out last drink at midnight. we only got one free beer, despite spending over $600 between the three of us.
  7. I’ve never climbed a tree.
  8. My mum would never let me watch The Simpsons as a child. As a result, I own series 1-8 on DVD. Despite this child abuse, I picked up many Simpsons quotes from those more fortunate than I at school and have recently realised that pretty much everything I’ve ever said that is mildly witty was some sort of Simpsons quote.

Ok. Now to pass this thing on (I don’t want any fairies dying)