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Freelancer Friday February

Oh how I love alliteration. Especially on a leap year. This Friday, the 29th is the next installment of everyone’s favourite open house co-working day, Freelancer Friday. At this point I would make some smart-alec remark about how Freelance Fridays would only fall on a leap every x-number of years, however, I can’t be bothered working it out (I’m sure someone out there who will) so instead I’ll point you at the wiki, where you can put your name down. Hurry, time is limited.


  1. Hi Myles,

    Does the Beach House have air conditioning? 37 degrees forecast for Friday...

    How about parking nearby? I need to make a fairly quick getaway to pick up kids from school.
  2. Airconditioning - yes. Parking, well it is the city, so that can be a problem - YMMV

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