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Getting JoikuSpot to play nice with the EeePC

The EeePC is such a sweet little laptop, and it’s really handy when you are on the road, in a meeting or on the train – however being sans network can be pretty limiting. Now, I’ve got a Nokia N95 8Gb on Three, so I have a delicious 1Gb of traffic to burn each month. If only I could connect one to another…

I first tried with Bluetooth, but no dice – besides the obvious issue of the EeePC not having bluetooth, even with a dongle I couldn’t get a network connection. They chatted, but they couldn’t connect on that meta level that can push 1’s and 0’s around.  Besides, bluetooth is slow, I could probably only get 50% of my mobile broadband speed. FAIL.

Next I tried a USB cable. After installing 3egprs, and ith a minor tweak to a chat script, it actually worked, and at full speed! Having a cable hanging off kind of sucks though. PARTIAL CREDIT.

I downloaded JoikuSpot when I got my phone. It’s a cool little app that turns your phone into a mobile hotspot – the only caveat at the moment is the beta edition only supports HTTP, HTTPS and SSH (via tunnelling and only with version 1.2). NATing of more protocols are planned apparently, and I wait with baited breath. When I got my EeePC, I tried to connect, as this would be the ultimate solution, but no dice. After some Googling, I found a few suggestions, and success stories, but no full instructions – so here they are:

  1. Install JoikuSpot
  2. Start it up
  3. Find the Access Point on the EeePC
  4. Stop JoikuSpot, and close it
  5. Open “Configure Network Connections” on the EeePC, select the AP and hit Properties
  6. Click the “Wireless” tab.
  7. Set Mode to “Adhoc”
  8. Set Channel to “Auto”
  9. Select the “TCP/IP” tab. Select “Static” from the drop down
  10. IP Address:
  11. Subnet Mask:
  12. Gateway:
  13. Select the “DNS” tab
  14. Enter as the primary server
  15. Hit the “OK” button
  16. Connect to the AP (Make sure JoikuSpot ISN’T running. Yes I said ISN’T) it should connect
  17. Start up JoikuSpot and connect to the net
  18. Browse somewhere on the EeePC – you should see the JoikuSpot splash screen

That’s it! I hope that makes sense…