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Silicon Breach – who says Web 2.0 is a game…

BarCamp Perth is but two days away, and we have nearly 90 participants, it is going to be huge. There is also something a little special that is going to make it even bigger, courtesy of Giant Dice, everyone’s favourite local pervasive gaming studio.

Introducing Silicon Breach:

In Silicon Breach, three Web 2.0 startups compete for venture capital by circulating ideas. When an idea is shared within a company, it’s good. :) When an idea is stolen by another company, it’s bad. :(

On the morning of May 10, players will be secretly assigned to a company, and they will be given a secret idea. Every idea is two words, e.g. roundedcorners or morefunding.

Noone knows your idea but you. Noone knows which company you’re in but you. You must decide how to use this information.

It sounds like a really fun game,that incorporates mystic, social engineering and rounded corners. So if you are heading to BarCamp Perth, go and register to play.