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For the safety of the swimmers…

For the past twelve months, I’ve been a house mate at the Silicon Beach House – the collaborative, shared office space in the Perth CBD. Having seen a number of arrivals and departures over the past year, it will see it final set of departures, as it closes and gets turned into a resort (Ok, some other company is taking over the lease, but I started this metaphor, and I’m going to finish with it god damn it).

Unfortunately, due to a number of factors, it wasn’t viable to keep it open so whilst the idea of having a shared working space isn’t dead, it’s been cryogentically frozen until sometime another suitable venue can be found. So if you are in town, don’t try to drop in any more, as, well you’ll freak out the new occupants. For those of you who want to find me, I’m back working from the home-office, so if you are in Mt Lawley, give me a call and we can go for coffee :)