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MadPilot’s new(ish) phone number

Now that I’ve relocated back into my home office, I’ve decided to revert back to my old VoIP number: +61-8-6424-8234.

Although Skype was doing a perfectly good job at taking and making phone calls, the NetGear SPH101 Skype phone wasn’t really up to the task (the battery life isn’t that great and the call quality can leave a little to be desired) and I’ve got a perfectly good VoIP phone sitting here, which has much better voice clarity. (Oh, it it means my business cards will be correct now too!)

I’ll redirect my Skype number to the “new” number in the interim to give you all a bit of time to update your records. I’ll still leave the Skype phone around to Skype-to-Skype (handle: madpilotproductions if your interested) calls too I think.