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One lost laptop: Returned

Yesterday, whilst being distracted by a phone call as I got in to me car, I did what we all dread doing – I left my EeePC on the top of my car as I drove away. I noticed that something was a miss a few streets away from me house, and promptly (after having that sinking feeling) re-traced my tracks to see if I could see it. But I couldn’t. After all of the stages of grief: Denial (Surely, I couldn’t be so stupid), Anger (Godammit!), Bargining (Maybe if I drive around again…), Depression (Why me!!!) and Acceptance (Well, maybe I can justify that 9″ version now) I got a phone call from Justin Gill at Perth college. One of the students there had founded on the side of the road and handed it in.

I for one am glad that there is still some honesty in this world. So to Justin, and the still anonymous student – thank you so much! You have made this geek very happy.