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The new office

When the Beachhouse closed a couple of months ago, I was back to working from home – which was fine. For a while. As much as our cat was keeping me company, it wasn’t really that good at pair programming, as it’s pads kept getting stuck on the keys, so I got off my arse and did what any other self respecting wog would do – asked my uncles (who are real estate agents) if they had any offices available – and they did – in the same building they were in! So just when you though one Eftos was enough, there is now three (sometimes four depending if my Dedo is in).

After 4 days of painting (when a painter quotes $1200 for three rooms, TAKE IT) the new offices are finally (almost) ready! Out of the three rooms that we have out the back of the Eftos Estates building, one still needs one coat of paint, but the other two are all done!Of course I don’t need three offices myself, so good buddies Grant, Alex, Ben and Gary have stepped up and taking up residency at 220s.

Here are some photos of the two finished offices:


So if you are in Leederville, drop in and say hi!

The address is 220 Carr Pl, Leederville (Just look for the Eftos Estates sign)