@madpilot makes

Now do I make a bad pun about Christmas or summer BBQs…

You know what, I’ll save you the pain.

The reason I’m being tempted by such high-brow literary devices, is the AWIA Web Mixed Grill – 24 short web articles from now up until Christmas – a web advent calendar if you will. Today saw Miles Burke givng hints and tips about being a successful freelancer, and tomorrow I’m blabbering on about HTTP request codes or something, and I hear from a small avian creature that there is a number of other hawt-sauce articles coming up, so it’s well worth the RSS subscription.

Of course, if you think that you have what is takes to impart some knowledge on the web world at large, then there is still a few spots left, so email mixedgrill@webindustry.asn.au and pony up some grey matter.