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SchwaCMS goes live

For the past couple of months, I’ve been locked in my room, hacking away at a (probably not-so) top secret project – which I have just pulled the big switch on. So ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to SchwaCMS. It’s a hosted CMS product that has taken ideas from many years of toiling away on other peoples’ CMSs.

There is a complete feature list on the website, but some of the geek highlights:

  • Upload progress bar
  • Proper use of HTTP status codes (including 410 – Gone)
  • Full UTF-8 support (Check it out — the ? isn’t a HTML entity, it’s a real schwa)
  • Weight based keyword extraction from content
  • Full-text search, including a Did you mean? function
  • Integrated spell checking
  • Just-in-time scaling and caching of images
  • HTML is automatically cleaned on save
  • The ability to export the menu as an ordered list for inclusion in third-party apps, such as blogs or forums
  • A demo that is tied to the browser session, as as soon as the user logs out, their demo site gets blown away

I’m pretty excited about this release. It’s built on a custom PHP framework, and is hosted on my very own hosting box – it almost feels like MadPilot is a real web company now! (It’s only taken 8 years :P)

Go check it out: http://www.schwacms.com