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Freelancer mentoring

I’ve been a freelancer for 85% of my work career. I’ve traversed the giddy-heights and the earth-shaking lows of working for myself for a long time, and I think it’s time to give back. One thing that I have noticed during those 11 years is that it is all to easy to live in your little bubble and not talk to anyone other than clients for weeks on end. So, I’m going to start running freelancer mentoring.

I want to pull together a small group of freelancers, and then have a meet-up (probably 4-5 people to start with) on a Friday morning at my office or the coffee shop next door, and basically just chat about how things are going, give some advice, but generally act as a sounding board. Kind of like a water cooler for people that don’t own a water cooler (do people still own water coolers?). Having a small group means you can form a support group for each other too; as well as perhaps team up on bigger jobs.

Oh, and this isn’t just for web people – the basic tenants of freelancing is the same regardless of industry, and you’ll be amazed how helpful talking shop to freelancers from other industries can be.

To start with we’ll probably meet once a month.

Anyway, if you are a freelancer in Perth, Western Australia and are craving some human interaction, either hit me up in the comments, via twitter or email me directly.