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An open letter to the Liberal member for Perth: Darryl Moore.

Hi Darryl,

As a Liberal voter, today’s announcement regarding the cut to ICT spending and the implementation of a mandatory internet filter; as well as the clearly flawed coalition broadband strategy, you have forced me to swing my vote. I write you this email so you can be aware of the issues for at least one of your constituents.

It disappoints me that your party has a lack of understanding of technology and the role that it plays in the future of this country. As an IT professional, who runs my own business as well as an internet startup that exports services to the world, the short-sightedness of your strategy is concerning. We are looking backwards to support unsustainable industries like the car industry, while ignoring an industry that Australian can become a world-class player.

We should be encouraging spending in an industry that has the potential to increase exports to the world, not decreasing them.

We should also be encouraging smart people in this country to stay here, rather than forcing them to leave our country to seek opportunities – and better yet, our country should be a destination for other smart people. We should be boosting our knowledge economy, not restricting it.

I’m happy to hear you reasoning behind these decisions.

Thank you for your time.