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Below are a list of some of the presentations that I have given.

Out of the way JSON!

If CSS can be un-obtrusive, so can JavaScript

I made this presentation at the Port80 Mini-talks. It is a quick overview of how to use un-obtrusive JavaScript (AKA Hijax) to cleanup your HTML markup, and make your JavaScript more re-usable. Presented 07 February 2007.

View the S5 slides and listen to the podcast.

Crazy Hijax!

Clean up your code with smatterings of AJAX

Presented at BarCamp Perth in 2007. An more in-depth look at un-obtrusive JavaScript. Presented 30 June 2007.View the S5 slides

Introduction to Ruby on Rails

A joint presentation with Matt Didcoe from BarCamp Perth 2007. We present an overview of Ruby on Rails. Presented 30 June 2007.

View the S5 slides and view the video.

Canvas Test Replacement

sIFR without flash!

This was my WebJam presentation I gave on 15/08/2007. Canvas Text Replacement uses a SVG to Canvas convertor to render fonts. This allows you to use arbitrary True Type Fonts in your web pages with out relying on images or flash. The code presented is proof of concept.

View the S5 Slides

A Web 2.0 business of your very own

I gave this presentation at the ICT Conference at Bentley in Western Australian on 13 October 2007. The slides don’t make much sense with out the video – I’ll be posting that very soon!

View the Slideshare slides

Web 2.OMG!!1!

This presentation was given to the PRIA Young Guns in a group of talks around PR2.0. I covered a more technical view, as well as including some actual definitions. The presentation was given on 16 July 2008.

View the Slideshare slides

Abusing JavaScript for fun and profit

This presentation was given at the GO3 Conference on August 2 2008. I outline some of the cool stuff that you can do with JavaScript, including building a old skool 2d side scrolling platform game!

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OpenID, OAuth and Webservices – a Developer’s guide

Web Directions South is without doubt Australia’s biggest web conference, held in Sydney in the September each year, and I was privileged enough to speak in 2008.

View the Slideshare slides

Listen to the Podcast

Stuff they never taught you in web site school

My presentation from The Edge of the Web in Perth, 2009. It lists a couple of simple techniques for making good web sites better.

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Code references

Creative Thinking

I did this presentation for the inaugural City of Perth Thinktank session. It’s mainly about our co-working space and AWIA. It uses HTML5 and CSS3, so for best results view in Safari or Chrome, Firefox at a pinch – IE users, don’t even bother.


Smart Phone Development using Web Technologies

I gave this presentation at Web Directions in 2010, just after I release my first iPad application using PhoneGap.


Building Mobile Web Apps

Off the back of the Sitepoint Book I wrote with Earle Castledine and Max Wheeler, about building mobile web apps, I gave this talk at the Edge of the Web in 2011.