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Podcamp racetrack’s in 10 days’ on

(Mental note: Work on better blog post titles)

Annnyway, as many of you know, Podcamp is coming to Perth on the 28th and 29 of October. A little birdie and my scouta on the ground tell me that we are getting some big names from over east to participate in this Australian first.

Now, there has been a bit of confusion over what can be presented at Podcamp – it isn’t just about Podcasting. Anything that fits in the realm of new media (I know – I hate that term too, but I haven’t got anything better at the moment) would be a worthy topic.

There will be shirts available on the day. It’s going to be a great couple of days, so make sure you mark em down in your diary.

Podcamping across the Universe…

Well more correctly, across the Nullibor Plane – We just received confirmation for the PodCamp Australia guys that Perth has won the right to host the first PodCamp! Not only did we win, we won pretty convincingly, with 152 votes. Syndey came second place with only got 82!

The event in October should feed all of the locals’ hunger for local events. Check out http://www.podcamp.info for more details as they come to hand.