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MediaTemple’s new grid server services

What can you get for $20 per month these days? A Basecamp account? 4 88 Miles accounts? An account of a Grid server with 100Gb of disk space, 100Tb of traffic with support for upto 100 sites? Yeah. Media Temple has just released an insamely priced grid server setup that offers all of that FOR $20 PER MONTH. They even support Ruby on Rails using containers and mongrel. Needless to say, I signed up for account. hopefully it will come through before I leave for Sydney tomorrow afternoon, otherwise I’ll have to wait a week to play.

What is a grid server?

A grid server is basically lots of little servers that acts like one big server. This means that if a server becomes loaded, they can through more hardware at the problem. Google and Amazon use similar systems, infact Amazon offers a service where you can upload a virtual linux machine on to their grid.

If they pull this off, it will pretty much revolutionise server hosting. I’ll keep you posted how I go with my 88 Miles migration.