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Latest 88 Miles release…

In between my day-to-day job and being sick (Damn you tonsils), I’ve managed to get some more work done on 88 Miles. This release was mainly an internal update, however there are a couple of important, if not major external changes.

  1. Business accounts are now out of beta – there are a variety of plans which should suit most people and you can easily swap betwen plans at your whim. There is even a discount for paying yearly! Check out the pricing page for more details.
  2. The trial account has now become a free account! There is now no account expiry date, and you can do all the things that regular accounts can do, including adding unlimited staff members. The only catch is that you can’t clock in more than 40 hours per month. All of the expired trial accounts have been re-enabled, so if you have signed up before but ran out of time, login again and see what has changed.
  3. The reporting system has improved – you can now view graphs in the project summary view

I would really love some feedback on the system, so if you haven’t had a play with it in a while, or if you have never had a play with it, go and login and show yourself around :)

/End selfless self-promotion

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