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Prezz E Place goes live

Even though I left Bam two weeks ago, we have been covertly finishing off one final client project together – Prezz E Place. Prezz E Place is an online gift shop for those people how are too busy or phsyically can’t get to a shop to buy that special gift. It features a “dreamboard” where users can place products they would like to receive as well as a built in anniversary reminder system.

Prezz E Place is built in Ruby on Rails and took just over 150 hours to complete. From a technical point of view it utilises the Ferret search plugin for all of the product search, un-obtrusive JavaScript, SEO friendly URLs, plus some of the regular plugins I use such as action_mailer_layouts, custom-err-msg and paginating_find.

Let me (or Bam) know what you think!


  1. Nice work! I'm off to grab me some Beer & Skittles
  2. Thanks Tim!

    There are some gold products in there. My favourite is DIY Dolly tool kit. Just what every woman needs :P
  3. Hi Myles

    Could be a useful website for international-me. However, would be more useful if had a "view all" function, rather than scrolling through each page with the category - E

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