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Are you ready to RUMBLE!

This weekend Jordan, Matt and myself will be participating in w. Rails Rumble is an international geekfest where you have 48 hours to develop a Ruby on Rails application. We are at a bit of a disadvantage because of the timezone issues mean that we really only have 36 hours (We have to do some real work on Monday you know!).

We will be building a top secret social network, so watch this space as we post updates of our progress!


  1. Look forward to seeing your entry miles!

    Should be a good competition - the organizers have some great prizes up for grabs
  2. err, woops!

    sorry for misspelling your name myles
  3. Forgiven. Just don't do it again!
  4. Is this of the super secret ninja type social network application... Suppose if you tell me you have to kill me. :)
  5. How'd your app turn out Myles?
  6. Good! There is wrap up blog post coming up...

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