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Rails were rumbled. Voting starts tomorrow

There is something obtusely magnificent about locking away geeks for long periods of time, giving them a laptop and a kick-arse framework and leaving them up to their own devices – which is what Jordan Brock, Matt Didcoe and myself did last weekend for Rails Rumble ’07.

The idea is simple – You have 48 hours to create an entire website in the ever so beautiful Ruby on Rails framework. Because the competition was run out of the US and because we have real jobs/school to go to, we only ended up with 36 hours, but we didn’t let that deter us. The result? Sandwich – a recipe sharing site. During that time, we managed to product a site with friending, tagging, bookmarking and recipe parsing which is no mean feat – I dare anyone to do it in another language in that time frame.

Part of the competition is the community judging, so help a brother out and head over to our voting page and throw us a few votes – you can make a difference in the lives of three hapless codies. Go on. I’ll wait… While you are there, go check out some of the other great entries, but don’t vote for them, because you are voting for u, remember? :)

It was a really fun weekend – it was great to kick out some great code with great peeps over a stupidly short time frame. We must do it again sometime.


  1. Did you guys end up using the 20 lines of changes they gave us today?

    Came very handy for a few little bugs I had.

    I must say, congratulations on making a cool site - you guys got a fair bit done in the 36 hours by the look of it.

    I'll make sure I send a vote for you (but just because your another Perthite ;) can't have too much competition haha - so I'd also appreciate if you threw one my way)

    Personally, Like I mentioned before, I was suprised how much was possible with rails in 48 hours - Even though the design is pretty basic (and boring :P) the back end code for my entry (http://insight.railsrumble.com) came together amazingly fast. Looks like yours did as well :)

    Btw, Good luck in the voting and hopefully, I'll see you next year if its held again (well, not literally see you - but compete against. This years rocked :D).
  2. Can only see the front end. But it does look cool. So this RoR stuff maybe of interest, no?
  3. Gary, that is like asking a Mac boy whether the new Macbook Pro is any good :P

    Darcy, thanks mate - it was a fun comp. Good luck to you as well!

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