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It’s a one fine day to be nude…

Hey Myles! Your site’s broken! Au contraire my good friend! Today is CSS naked day – a day to celebrate standards based web. Best practice says that a site should still be usable without all of the eye-candy, so today is the day to put you money where your mouth is (I hope you know where it’s been) and show your site in all of it’s nekkid glory.


  1. hahahahahahahaha
  2. it's only now that I see my site is not in your blogroll.

    Good day to you, sir. Good day.

  3. Well, now that you are actually posting stuff I've added you back in :P
  4. hey myles, isn't css naked day april 9 -12GMT this year? therefore meaning it only Juuust started a few hours ago?
  5. I thought it was on the 9th in your OWN timezone... at least that is what all of the other Australian participants did...
  6. Ahh well, next year i'll be more 'on the ball' and do it in my timezone hehe ;)

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