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Time to learn Ruby on Rails!

I like Rails. A lot. And you should too – it makes build web stuff fun, and faster. It’s poetry when compared to PHP. Not to mention there is some smart nerds doing work on it, and it has one of the most vibrant and passionate communities around. Unfortunately, the learning curve can be significant, especially if you are learning Ruby at the same time. Me to the rescue!

The guys behind Sitepoint have just launched a new site: Learnable, which is an online training centre, where people not only go to learn stuff, but they can teach stuff too! They ask me to create a Ruby on Rails 3 course for their launch, and it just went live today!

The course is 12 lessons, and covers enough stuff to build a real app – a code snippet library (A bit like pastie or github gists). I’ll be maning the course forums and answering any questions you have, and will appear online via video link up for some live Q&A sessions in the next couple of weeks.

If you are still using PHP, or have been meaning to learn Rails for a while, then go and sign up – it’s only $19.95 (Bargin!).

The only real pre-requisite is a basic grasp of programming – if you understand if statements, for loops and variables, you should be fine. Serious. Go now. It’s awesome. But don’t just believe me, listen to this talking headshot video of me: